Who We Serve

At Leebo Corp, we specialize in a variety of markets including homeowner’s associations, condominium associations, gated communities, corporate, retail, hospitality, recreation, and small to large facilities. We know that every industry is unique, so we only design systems with your business in mind. We are ready to work with you to create the ultimate security system to secure your company and employees.

Homeowner’s Associations

We want to help protect your property and residents. Leebo Corp provides a professional security system to minimize the threat of vandalism or theft. No matter the size of your community, we will work with you to design a unique security plan that is perfect for your residents.

Condominium Associations

Our access control solutions allow for easy entry and exit for your staff and residents. Leebo Corp will customize a security system that integrates video and access control to help you to manage your community from one central location.

Gated Communities

In order to protect your gated community, Leebo Corp will take extra care to design a security system that fits your needs. We offer a range of defense solutions including uniformed officers to greet and allow your residents access to the community and security cameras to monitor any suspicious activity.


Our video and access control integration would be ideal for the corporate industry. Our security system would allow you full, wireless control over everything you see. In addition, our badging systems provide your employees with a keyless entry, which helps prevent any external threats.


Video surveillance is critical to the retail industry because it allows you to monitor any potential theft. When you choose Leebo Corp, we include HD IP based video surveillance that will improve video quality and provides a simpler way to review any past recordings.


Our access control solutions are widely used in the hospitality markets. This security system would give you one central location to control everything in your building or view it wirelessly with our HD IP based video surveillance. Badging is also important because it provides your guests with the safest visit possible.


Monitor your company day and night with our integrated IT camera solutions. At Leebo Corp, we understand that there is a need to improve your guests’ safety. By utilizing integrated and wireless access control and video surveillance, our systems will give your guests that ease of mind.

Small and Large Facilities

Every business deserves the best security system, no matter the size. Our video surveillance is perfect for a small business or an enterprise business because we will customize your camera placement to give you optimal viewing of your entire facility.


We want to work with you! At Leebo Corp, we understand that every business is unique, so we want to get to know yours. Our team is ready to create the ideal security system and answer any questions you may have. Leebo Corp is ready to upgrade and protect your business.